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I'm pleased to announce the publication of a new book about Prog Rock. The book is written by Donato Zoppo who very graciously invited me to write the forward. We should all e-mail the publisher, Arcana, and ask that they please release this in English for the rest of the music fans!

donato_zoppoFinally, in the library the last editorial work of Donato Zoppo for a Christmas full of words and notes of Progressive Rock. "Prog. half a century long suite "is the new book by Donato Zoppo,released December 7 for types of Arcana, the publisher most active in Italy in the field of non-fiction music. And 'the fifth book in the author's Sunni, the creator of this year a spectacular success with his work on Lucio Battisti, who also won the first prize in Milan with paper notes, an annual event that rewards the best text on music published in Italy.

"Prog. half a century long suite "is a candidate immediately as one of the most comprehensive texts on an international level among those dedicated to the phenomenon of progressive rock, which is Lame lover. The text in fact - from the foreword by Ray Thomas opened, flautist and vocalist of the legendary British band the Moody Blues - tells half a century of progressive rock, from its origins to the contemporary.

On October 10, 1969 released In The Court Of The Crimson King, King Crimson's debut album. It is a revolutionary album, which changes the face of rock history. The cover with the man who screams, the kaleidoscope of sounds excruciating hours hours Gentiles, the long passages from the typical dynamics of classical music, the atmosphere now far from the apocalyptic hippie dream: it is the manifesto of a new wave music. He begins to talk about progressive rock. In America the psychedelic season is coming to an end after the climax of the tragedy of Woodstock and Altamont, England reveals the ability to overcome the song format to open the classical, jazz, folk, electronica. Yes, Jethro Tull, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Soft Machine, Van Der Graaf Generator and many of the underground groups evolve a new compositional tension that had found significant roots in the revolution of the Beatles Sgt Pepper. Europe becomes the star: even Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Japan and America and spread their progressive style.

After years of masterpieces and memorable tour, during the second half of the 70 ends the era of concept records, shows the high-sounding, ambitious projects: punk and disco sweep away the pomposity of prog rock roots too far from now. Only during the first 80 moves something new: Marillion, Twelfth Night, IQ and Pendragon are the protagonists of a new progressive revival, a revival that over the years and involves stimulating historical reunion every country with a myriad of current and subgenres, from Finisterre to the Flower Kings, Porcupine Tree by the Yugen, by Anglagard to Dream Theater. To face an exciting flower that persists in the new millennium and, between bursts of nostalgia and innovation, even winning thousands of fans.

Donato LAME

Born in Salerno, Benevento, but by adoption, a tireless disseminator of rock music, is the author of PFM 1971-2006. 35 years of rock imaginative (Progress Publishers, 2006), Lingalad. From Tolkien to the secrets of Nature (Bastogi, 2008), love, freedom and censorship. In 1971 Lucio Battisti (Aereostella, 2011) and cooked and played. The imaginative music in the kitchen (Aereostella, 2011). It 'also found in shady Oscans, the new anthology of short stories Sunni (Never Mind, 2011).

He writes every month for Jam, the leading Italian rock magazine, for magazines and Totemblueart The idea for the site MovimentiProg. Since 2007 he leads Rock City Nights on Radio City SNL. He heads the press office Synpress44.

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