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don harder: HAPPY 75th Ray!!!!!

notwithstanding the fact that you, justin, and graeme did not say hi @Long Distance Voyager tour Red Rocks, Colorado (probably tour manager's fault and Pat did come over and say hi).... wishing you a HAPPY 75th.....glad the prostate cancer is in remission....the last time i seen you was @Colorado State Fair Pueblo....YEARS ago.....God Bless ya Ray....keep on Veteran Cosmic Rockin bro   :)  <3......

Friday, 30 December 2016
Pat Olsen: Happy Birthday

Dear Ray,

Happy Birthday! Happy New Year ! Many Happy, Healthy More!   I miss watching you playing in concert, you taught me how to trill. cool

Thursday, 29 December 2016
Chris Hunt: Dear Ray

Dear Ray,

Nice to be here, hope you agree!! I've been a Moodies fan (group and solos) for more than 40 years, and I have all the albums and some DVDs in my collection. I've also nominated the group (including you and Mike, of course) for a star on Birmingham's 'Walk of Fame' in Broad Street. I've missed your contributions to the group's performances, although of course I understand you wanted a quieter existence !

I recently bought a copy of the Moodies' Isle of Wight 69 DVD, a great gig that fairly well echoed the 'Caught Live + 5' set also from 69. There were snippets of comments from everyone apart from yourself, and I wondered whether or not the producers had asked you to take part? Whatever the case, the music was great, as I've always come to expect from you and the others. I thank you for all the entertainment you and the other Moodies have given me since I discovered you all (thanks to a sadly - departed neighbour) back in 1971. I hope you enjoy long life and happiness.

Kindest Regards

Chris Hunt


Tuesday, 23 August 2016
Robin Mayhew: Fishing

Hello Ray - You spoke with my son Ben today whilst you were fishing with Lance Platt at the Pachesham Lake. Son Ben said you'd like to be in touch - well here I am and I think he told you that I've writen my autobiography Ambition my life so far and guess what - you're in it.!!

Please check me out at as I've also just finished my album of songs titled Shallow and Deeper. Here's a link to one of the songs Ambition

Glad to here that you're well and enjoying yourself.

All good wishes


Monday, 22 August 2016
Bob St. George: Moodies

Started Moody Blues fan 1969-70 with In search of a Lost Chord, been a moodies fan ever since and especially fond of Ray's flute work and song on stage. I believe artists and musican's in particular need their space and was heartbroken when Ray retired but have respected his choices. I cannot fathom being on tour for forty years! You must have loved your work to endure the hardship life on the road must take to continue year after year. As a fan I applaud you and all the Moodies past and present that have made us,the fans to enamored with you! God Bless! Have a Good Life Ray Thomas and know that we gave our second son,as a middle name Thomas (ray didn't fit with the rest) William Thomas St. George. Carry On Ray and Peace Out!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016
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