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Ray's piano was donated to Nordoff Robbins and is now located at the Mountbatten Hospice.
Nordoff uses it there for music therapy and all patients enjoyment. Ray would be so happy with the piano's new home.

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Fraser Simpson, Regional Manager Nordoff Robbins (left)

Nigel Hartley, Chief Executive of Mountbatten Hospice (right)

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Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a new 2 disc CD and DVD collection of recordings celebrating the musical life and work of RAY THOMAS

(Released September 25, 2020.)


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halloffame v2
On and on they journey southward
To the land of warmer summers
On the way they shed their feathers
For the poet's hand to write love letters
Flying high in straight formation
Seeking out their destination
Over seas and windswept forest
Frost and snow they're soon forgotten
Trees are bare snowflakes are falling
You can hear their leaders calling
Follow me fly strong my brother
Be strong of heart and help each other home
And here I am I'm just a man
And there you are among the stars flying high
Searching for a new tomorrow
I wish I could follow
Nearer still to new horizons
Chill winds blow so far behind them
Endless days and sleepless nights
A borrowed gift navigates their flight
Still and pure this morning air
So tired now but almost there
The mysteries of nature's calling
Some will climb while others return back home
Ray Thomas
flute playing Ray
baby ray
Raymond "Ray" Thomas 29/12/1941 - 04/01/2018

blue ribbonAfter the tragic death of Alvin Stardust and the brave response to Prostate Awareness by his widow, Julie, in following up on what Alvin had intended to say about the disease, I have decided to help in some small way. I was diagnosed in September 2013 with prostate cancer. My cancer was in-operable but I have a fantastic doctor who immediately started me on a new treatment that has had 90% success rate. The cancer is being held in remission but I'll be receiving this treatment for the rest of my life. I have four close friends who have all endured some kind of surgery or treatment for this cancer and all are doing well. While I don't like to talk publicly about my health problems, after Alvin's death, I decided it was time I spoke out. A cancer diagnosis can shake your world and your family's but if caught in time it can be cured or held in remission.

I urge all males to get tested NOW.

Don't put it off by thinking it won't happen to me. It needs to be caught early. It's only a blood test - a few minutes out your dayto save yourself from this disease.

Love and God Bless, Ray

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