Krew Kats 1963

  • RAY THOMAS - Vocals
  • MIKE PINDER - Organ

Mike had done a brief stint in El Riot and the Rebels before going off to serve his country. Flat feet saw the end of his military career but not before being stationed in Germany where he had a look at the rock scene in Hamburg. Once back in Birmingham, he was in touch with Ray who was now looking for a new band. Also back in town and looking for a singer were the Krew Kats, a band of Brummie lads. The band already had some gigs lined up so Ray and Mike joined the group and they all took off for Germany. The band was playing at the Top Ten Club in Hamburg (famous for the Beatles). The whole thing went sour after a couple of months leaving Ray and Mike stranded in Hamburg in the middle of winter, just before Christmas, with no money and no transportation back to Birmingham. There was nothing to do but start walking. It was December, it was freezing and it was 417 miles from Hamburg, thru the Ardennes Forest to Ostend, Belgium where they, hopefully, could catch a ferry back to the UK. It took them over 7 days, with little sleep and only a few snacks to eat. They limped into Ostende and straight to the British Consulate. Reluctantly they were given a loan of just enough money to get them safely back to Birmingham.

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